Choosing the Right Flooring for your Office

Flooring might not seem quite important when it comes to business and is usually overlooked but believe it or not no matter how small or large your office space, flooring can greatly impact your business.

Whether it has a negative or positive impact depends entirely on the choice of flooring in contrast to your business. When it comes to office flooring there are many options; carpet, vinyl, laminate and solid wood floors.



In the past carpet may have been a common flooring choice for office buildings. However, in recent years business owners have been gearing toward more classy and easy maintenance flooring choices such as Vinyl, Laminate and Solid Hardwood Floors.

Don’t get me wrong Carpet can have its perks like being noise resistant, cost effective as well as it comes in many different designs and styles but at the same time carpet calls for a lot of maintenance. As well as it can be especially vulnerable when it comes to stains and spills so when picking carpet there are many things that must be taken into consideration in order to make your investment worthwhile.



Vinyl may not have been quite popular in the past but it’s making a comeback and that too better than ever. Vinyl flooring is available in several textures, colors and sizes. Vinyl being resistant to scratches makes it the perfect choice for widely used office spaces. Vinyl also proves to be very convenient for office spaces as it is water resistant, easy to maintain as stains can be removed easily.

The only downside to Vinyl is it can be dented or scratched easily. However in that case the dented plank can easily be replaced. Therefore Vinyl flooring can be quite advantageable and causes very few issues.



Laminate being cost efficient and having its many benefits such as requiring low maintenance and its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic makes it an excellent choice for commercial use buildings.

One of the major cons of Laminate is that it must be replaced if damaged rather than refinished but Laminate, being highly scratch resistant helps avoid this issue.

When choosing Laminate smaller office buildings usually work best but Laminate is suitable for almost any office building.



Hardwood is almost perfect for any office building. Hardwood has many advantages such as improving the looks of almost any office space as well as it is strong and durable, easy to clean and maintain and lastly instead of being replaced it can simply be refinished.

Although hardwood ha its many benefits, going for a fancy look like hardwood can be pricey but not unless you find the right store with the right deals. Overall hardwood flooring works for every business no matter office size or the usage of the space.

In order find the right flooring for your business you must really consider the advantages and alongside the disadvantages of your flooring options. and see if they work for your office space and  the people in it. Every area in your building has its own needs and picking the right flooring mainly depends on who and what. Who being, the people in your workspace and what being the everyday activities  going on in your building.