The Benefits of Hardwood on Home Buyers and sellers

As most know already, hardwood is an excellent flooring choice for any room or property. Hardwood is durable and adds a touch of class to any room in your house.Hardwood is strong, scratch resistant, easy to clean/maintain and works as an insulator.  However, besides hardwoods many benefits for homeowners and their families, harwood can also benefit home buyers and sellers.

Hardwood is considered a luxury item in housing and it can increase a home’s value and pricing benefit both home sellers and buyers. In past years statistics have shown that hardwood is proven to increase a house’s value by at least 18%. Hence, hardwood is the easiest option to go to when trying to increase a house’s value for real estate agents.

The Benefits:

  1. When renovating your new property, flooring is probably the most affordable option. Rather than picking options like granite countertops, wall to wall carpet and tiles, hardwood is a much beneficial and reasonable option since it is much cheaper and increases home value.
  2. Hardwood has many benefits that please home buyers such as easy maintenance. Hardwood is also environmentally friendly and can last up to years. These key advantages  can attract home buyers to a houses with hardwood.
  3. Hardwood has a traditional appeal towards home buyers as well as hardwoods elegant and up-scale look is pleasing to home buyers. Hardwood also comes in many different looks and finishes
  4. Hardwood flooring is valuable and increases  a house’s overall worth and cost.    

When renovating your new property it is best to stick to hardwood as it will benefit both the home seller and buyer. Hardwood increases a house’s overall resale value and it is very durable and a great flooring choice for any room in your home. Hardwood can be pricey but it’s worth it as it’s value can make a house more precious and up scale. Hardwood is also cheaper than other options and is worth its price, so next time you are renovating your new property hardwood is the way to go!