Keeping Your Floors Clean and Safe

Laminate, Solid wood and Vinyl are all flooring options that require little maintenance but little maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Floors might not need to be cleaned on the daily but occasionally, they do require some love…You know a brush of a mop and a few strokes of a broom.

Flooring can last up to years but only if it is properly taken care of and although over years floors can loose their shine, correct maintenance can help your floors look as good as new.

Here is everything you need to know on how to take good care of your floors…

  1. Vacuum or sweep your floors at least once a week or every day. This will help remove dirt and sharp objects such as pebbles that could damage your floors.
  2. When mopping avoid dampening your mop too much as excessive water can damage floors. Floors should only be mopped once in a month and microfibre mops are the best especially for hardwood.
  3. Liquids can seap into the seams of floorboards and can easily damage wood. Spills must be wiped up immediately.
  4. Walking with shoes on floors is perfectly fine. However, high heels are sharp edged shoes can scratch floors especially wood and shouldn’t be worn on floors.
  5. Furniture can scratch floors if moved around a lot as well as sharp legs on chairs and sofas can scratch or dent floors. Felt pads should be placed on furniture legs to prevent damage.
  6. Mats should be placed under furniture, high traffic areas and under water bowls in order to help prevent damage to floors. Mats can also help trap dust and debris.
  7. If your hardwood floors are looking a bit dull, they can be refinished easily. Hardwood should be refinished at least every 5 years.
  8. Only floor cleaners should be used on flooring as other substances can contain acids that can damage floor finishes.
  9. If hardwood is damaged;scratched or dented, they can be sanded. Wood should be sanded every 7-10 years.